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November 12, 2005

Self-Indulgence and Silicon Valley

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Whatever one may think about Microsoft, it has done more than any other company on earth to lower the bar to technology adoption. Why? Because Microsoft makes technology (relatively) easy. For consumers, IT administrators, and developers. Microsoft recognizes that the average user isn’t a Silicon Valley, highly paid, highly tagged/Flickr’d/blogged developer. The average user is…average.

An interesting post from Matt Asay (Novell). The post is very insightful; but more than that, I liked the quote above. That’s one thing I feel strongly myself. For all one may be anti-Microsoft, you have to admit that Mircrosoft recognizes the average user to be just an average user. Who might not be interested in all the techie stuff and gory details like device drivers and partitioning and what-have-you. Even me, a reasonably techie person, I prefer Windows a lot of times over Linux coz it lets me be just “normal”. Windows lets me get things done without cracking my head too much! §


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