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December 24, 2005

What is Flock all about?

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When was the last time you thought twice about the fact that you’re talking to a digital signal every time you use your cell phone?

Or how about the fact that your instant messages (which indeed seem so instant) actually travel over thousands of other people’s computers and servers before they reach you?

And your email? Even worse. If you think herding cows is messy, you should see the way email is schlopped all over the place.

The point is this. These technologies have become second nature vehicles for communication and expression. And blogging, podcasting, vlogging and the whole lot of recent ‘mecasting’ technologies aren’t as integrated, aren’t as easy, aren’t as accessible as they need to be for them to be picked up and made as commonplace as the telephone (or cellphone, if you prefer). Point Four Percent of the population is nothing (that’s 23.6 million blogs as a percentage of the world population by the way). And yet another extension is not the answer. I don’t even know if another browser is. But we need something that works to solve this problem… or at least to make it better. §

Chris Messina (Flock chap) speaks out against all the Flock bashing that’s been going around. A nice read.

Personally, I still use Flock. Inspite of Firefox 1.5 being released. And inspite of the del.icio.us and Performance whatever extensions being released. For me, Flock is all about integration of these “social” features right into the browser itself. And while it is tempting to see new new extensions being released for Firefox, and there is an urge in me to try out Firefox coz its obviously feels nice trying out new new things, I strongly resist. I’ve had enough of extensions and their problems! I like things to work out-of-the box rather than having to download a bunch of extensions to add the functionality. And not just that, with extensions its a bother when you have a copy of Firefox both at work and at home — very difficult to keep the two in synch as one has to download and install each extension on each copy.

I wish a new version of Flock would get released soon though. Something which takes care of the existing bugs, and integrates things more.


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