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January 24, 2006

Revamping Hard Disk Architecture

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An interesting article on how to have hard disks that combine the traditional way with a bit of flash disks. Initial booting etc happens from the flash disk (and is hence fast and less wear/ tear for the hard disk), while data etc is stored on the spindle-and-discs hard disk. §


January 22, 2006

10 tips for a perfect pitch

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Nice read. §

January 16, 2006

The Devil

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Heheh! A funny post from “The Dilbert Blog”. Interesting way of looking at things. §

Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster

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Trust me, this one’s damn hilarious!! »

Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster

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Trust me, this one’s damn hilarious!! §

January 7, 2006

Microsoft releases WMF patch

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Go download it. §

January 4, 2006

Woman marries dolphin

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Well, not officially ofcourse. :) §

January 3, 2006

Kodak EasyShare V570 camera sees double

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I like this. §

January 2, 2006

Get Windows Live Mail! for free – no invite needed!

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Seriously, it works. Your Mileage Might Vary though. I’m linking to two sites here — both have similar instructions, but I guess the link they want you to click on is different. The first site didn’t work for me, the second worked. And I didn’t follow the instructions ditto either. I was signed out of Hotmail, then clicked the link (coz I was frustrated trying to signup and having it not work), and voila! it worked! § §

WMF vulnerability!

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Happy New Year folks! :)

There’s a WMF vulnerability on the loose! (Basically, its a vulnerability for all version of Windows. A very critical vulnerability. To do with the code in Windows that displays pictures, their thumbnails, and the like. Once affected, your machine downloads spyware and soon things are pretty messy. § §

I plan to follow SANS’s advice and install the unofficial patch as well as unregister the DLL.

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