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February 11, 2006

Interview with Mandriva CEO

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Francois, can you describe your typical work day at Mandriva? When I don’t travel, I leave home around 7 am, and because i ride a scooter, it takes me about 10 minutes to reach the office. Most Mandriva employees come in a bit later, France oblige, so this gives me time to read my mail, reply to most of it, look at our figures and read the professional press.

Between 9 and 10, my productive day ends and real life gets in. I usually attend too many meetings. I try to keep them short (we have some standing meetings for instance). I go through all the offices, and shake hands with everyone. At Aboukir, you are supposed every morning to shake hands with all men and kiss all women on both cheeks. I skip the kiss part, as part of our program to avoid sexual harassment suit, started by our Chairman, Jacques Le Marois. I manage the bad news when they come and deal with them one after the other. On a typical day, I meet Warly, who explains to me why we should give away more stuff, put more things in the Free Mandriva and do a new release every 3 months, I get calls from some shareholders asking me what the hell is going on, why aren’t we raising revenue more quickly, I get e-mail from Gael telling me we should give away the Power Pack version to all the Linux magazines on earth to increase our distribution, I hold a conference call with the Brazilian team explaining why things aren’t moving as fast as expected, I meet with other people who tell me we should change the strategy and the business model, I get back on my scooter to meet with a corporate customer, who wants to know why his project is not exactly on time, I hold meetings with the service people who tells me that they need to hire more consultants to do the job and with engineering who tells me I need to hire more developers to deliver the product, I will meet with the Employee Representatives who asks me when will we raise salaries and could they have more vacations. At the end of the afternoon, things quiet down and I have a bit of time to think and talk to people. I usually get home around eight, and my wife asks ‘hi Francois, how was your day?’ and I say ‘pretty good, as usual!’ §


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