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February 19, 2006

Full Circle with Open Source

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If we treat open source like a commodity to be exploited, rather than as a community to be nurtured, we’ll soon find that both the words “open source” and the substance behind them will be dissipated. But for now, we need to keep moving to a point where we can extract more value (read: dollars) from the trend so that we can foster more of it. More money = more development. Up to a point. §

A very nice post from Matt Asay. :)

I read one of the links he cites in the post: another interesting read.

The truth is, according to Love, nothing is for free. “Someone must pay for it. All these small modifications in the code… all this does cost money. To bring it to the point: The only way to make Linux a successful business is to cash in. This is the other side of the medal. In the future, all Linux applications will have a price tag. That’s the job of the movement’s marketing department. You will have to pay for it, but of course less than you would pay for NT products because one thing is clear: our main competitor is Microsoft.” §


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