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February 20, 2006

How to Suck up to a Blogger

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Blogging has flipped traditional PR on its head. It used to be that ink begat buzz. Life was simple then: you sucked up to the Wall Street Journal, one of its reporters wrote about your product, and the buzz began.

Nowadays buzz begets ink. Journalists no longer anticipate or create buzz–rather, they react to it: “Everyone is buzzing about FaceBook. There must be something to this, so I had better write a story about it.” This role reversal has fried people’s minds.

The latest development is that blogs beget buzz. Blogs have changed everything because they represent a cheap, effective podium for creating buzz on a massive scale. Technorati provides an easy way to identify the A-listers, so all you have to do is attract the most influential bloggers. Here is a guide to the process. §

A nice post by Guy Kawasaki. I found it funny that I was thinking alone these lines the past few days (coz I have been thinking about blogging in general), and also that I touched upon it very briefly and vaguely in my earlier post; and now I find other people too to be talking about it. :) And even funnier is that one of the other things I had thought about these past few days was whether I should continue having two blogs or not; and now I find that that too is being talked about a lot recently. Interesting. Seems there’s a common "idea pool" somewhere up in the Universe. 


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