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March 26, 2006

My Opinions

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I think it’s entirely appropriate to have no opinion when you don’t have enough information on the topic. As far as I can tell, few people agree with that position. And that’s frightening. §

I soooooo totally agree with Scott on this one. I rarely have opinions on anything; and my parents keep telling me its bad. Point is, unless and until I feel I have enough info on something, I can’t make an opinion of my own. And even then, I am never sure if I have enough info. Many a times its happened that I form an opinion on something based on what I think is enough info, and then just a few steps down the lane I find that I was wrong and there’s info that I missed out previously and which would change the way things look.

Ofcourse, that’s not to say one should never make opinions (coz one can never be sure one has all the info), but I think its best to wait till one has "enough" info before forming an opinion. Whatever "enough" info means …  


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