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April 20, 2006

Dangerous Drafts in Yahoo Mail?

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Tech Dirt digs up an interesting bit in the latest evolving story of Yahoo working with the Chinese gov’t to hand over user information… according to USA Today, the email that helped to jail Jiang Lijun was just in draft mode. Two things are noteworthy here: first, the email wasn’t even sent, and the user might have thought its draft mode makes it more private; second, just how did the Chinese gov’t know about this user and draft in the first place? (Do they regularly spy on users in some sort of agreement with Yahoo?) §

Eww! About two weeks ago I moved out all my mail from Yahoo and Gmail. Its tempting, when you have loads of space there, to just keep on dumping all ur mails there. But I dont want my whole life getting backed up at some Yahoo/ Google servers — so I started POPing the mails out to my machine. Fine, I dont have the convenience of having all my mails online at my fingertips, but its ok, I can live with that. And stories like the above are assurances that I did the right thing I guess. 



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