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April 21, 2006

The unabridged selective transcript of Richard M Stallman’s talk at the ANU

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Richard Matthew Stallman, the father of the GNU movement once gave a talk at the Australian National University where he explained his stand on the name GNU/Linux, the Digital Millennium Act, DRM which Stallman chooses to call Digital Restriction Management and software idea patents. He talked for over one hour explaining and throwing light on these and many other topics of interest to GNU and all freedom loving people. §

A very nice read. Stallman was someone who’s views inspired me a lot while making the switch to Linux years ago. Great guy.

That said, I do think he’s goes a bit overboard at times. You know, not entirely in tune with the "practical" nature of  this world. But that’s fine I guess. You need to aim for the sky, then only you’ll manage to get atleast the earth.

I look forward to the day Ogg is the format for audio. And when DVDs can be playing without any legal hassles. And when OpenDocument is the format for spreadsheets and documents and stuff like that. And when stuff like flash have free software replacements. That would be the day one can use one’s Linux distro right out of the box — the legal way! :)


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