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May 1, 2006

Debian sid FAQ

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Past few days I have been toying with the idea of running Debian Sid. I have Ubuntu Dapper Beta/ RC/ whatever installed, as well as ArchLinux. I like ArchLinux coz its always "current", and I like Ubuntu coz it gives me a stable/ tested snapshot of Debian "current". But you know how it is, after a while you start to think how it would be to keep running Debian "current" itself. Sid. So I was searching around the net and found this FAQ. §

One thing that I don’t understand is this: How can I be on ArchLinux current and keep updating without any problems, while if I am on Debian "current" (unstable) its such a big dangerous deal? To quote:

Should I use sid on my desktop?

If you think you can handle a broken Debian system, sure. Do you know what to do if libpam0g breaks, preventing all logins? Do you know what to do if grep breaks, causing the boot process to hang forever? These things have happened. They will happen again.

If you’d like to avoid the brown-paper-bag bugs like these, then use testing instead.

Does problems like this apply if I am using ArchLinux current too? :-S 

(Update: I figured from the Arch forums that by Arch’s current is not exactly testing/ unstable. Their "current" has stuff which has been tested and hence not (hopefully) unstable. If you want the Sid equivalent of Arch, then you must uncomment the testing and unstable repositories in your /etc/pacman.com file and if you do a pacman -Syu after that you get all the "testing" stuff. Cool, that’s nice to know). :)


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